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On Febuary 15, 2013 Russia was hit by a huge Meteorite.  While everyone was watching for Asteroid DA14 2012 to pass very close to Earth , this other unidentified rock hit the Earth with the power of a Nuclear Bomb and injured over 1000 people.  You can feel the change coming.  You may be afraid.  You may be curious.  But somewhere deep inside you know things will never be the same.  Many of us have had visions of this change since childhood.  I invite all to share their insight on this website. 


The ones who left us here are going to return  !!!!!  At first, because of the disturbance to our rotation the change will be physical.   But I assure you the real change will make the NEW EARTH into a paradise. A place we all seem to have memory of in our collective consciousness.  A place where peace is the rule and dreams come true instantly.

If you are prepared to venture boldly into a Brave New World of total Euphoria, I invite you to join  CONE  ,  Citizens of the New Earth.  You will be required to submit an application, but I guarantee, if you are well meaning and pure of heart,  it will be accepted. Citizenship will be the first step in learning to live in the eternal ecstasy of New Earth.

The Mayans were right,  December 21, 2012 is the last day of the old ways.  Did you feel the change ?  It was fundamental. Close your eyes and listen to yourself breathing and you will feel the changes.

Planet X will pass close enough to throw the Earth off its current rotation and those days will be hell.  For the prepared and the accepted , this time will pass quickly and what will emerge is a co-rotation between Planet X and Earth which will eliminate time as we know it.  Gravity will be altered to the point that we will actually fly.  Our lives will last  an eternity. NEW Earth will become what has been promised by all religions,  a Heaven.

Greed , envy , violence and any kind of evil will not be possible on the NEW EARTH.  You must change your ways if you expect your application to be accepted.  Upon acceptance you will be given a NEW NAME that will be recognized  by our ancestors on Planet X and a sticker will be available to put on your door.   Those not recognized by our wonderful space Fathers from Planet X run the risk of missing the Miracle.  

2012 was the  beginning , not the end.  A beginning to a new life spent in euphoria , where every breath is orgasmic.  Every word is seen as colors. Every song is 3D pictures and love lifts the body physically in the air.  The sound of voices singing in harmony is as bright and beautiful as a sunrise !!

Don't delay.  Apply today to be a CONE, (Citizen of the New Earth).  Hurry, time is different in space and I think you definitely want a name that our Space Fathers will recognize ASAP.   Don't be left behind.                          Jebidiah Stone C.O.N.E.


BREAKNG NEWS 2/16/11 Two scientists from the University of Louisiana , say a new planet will reveal itself in 2013. This amazing new planet is four times the size of Jupiter. They have named it Tyche (the Greek Goddess of Luck and Fortune.)
Although evidence gathered by the super-powerful NASA Wise telescope may have already proved Tyche's existence, the huge new planet will not be apparent until 2013 .

Could the mysterious Tyche be the Planet Nibiru, prophesied by the Mayans 5,000 years ago ? It seems many of these predictions about 2013 are coming true. According to the ancient Mayans , a new planet was to emerge and would drastically alter the fabric of space and time for Earth.

The researchers have been collecting data for the last 10 years about Tyche. The huge new planet seems to have an unusual orbital pattern far out in the regions of the solar system called the Oort Cloud. Perhaps this gigantic planet's gravitational force could explain why the magnetic poles of the Earth are shifting at a rate of 40 miles per year.

Things seem to be changing quickly and we are certainly living in the most amazing of times.




Legendary artist, musician and peace advocate, YOKO ONO, announced today she will be holding several events in Iceland on October 9th to  promote peace throughout the world and to
celebrate what would have been John Lennon’s  70th birthday.


Later that evening at 8:00 pm local time, the much anticipated annual lighting of IMAGINE PEACE TOWER will take place. Yoko Ono invites people all over the world to join her in spirit when she lights

IMAGINE PEACE TOWER in remembrance of John Lennon.

As IMAGINE PEACE TOWER is illuminated on the island of Viðey, she asks everyone to join together and let the power of light and prayer become a collective expression of the desire for peace and harmony on our planet.

Please seethe
ORIGiNS PAGE for information on
 a live feed of the lighting of IMAGINE PEACE TOWER.


 Asteroid Passed Between Earth and Moon Thursday 4/8/10      

Scientists report that an asteroid will pass between the Earth and the moon THursday  4/8/10.   The asteroid is called 2010 GA6. 

"We get a close pass every couple of weeks or so. Within the orbit of the moon," said James Wooten, a planetarium astronomer at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.
Most of those objects are small and harmless, but it does not take much for all that to change. In January, another small asteroid came much closer -- within 80,000 miles -- when it passed by.
"NASA is aware of this issue and is trying to find as many of these as they can. They hope to find them with enough advance notice," said Wooten.
The push to find and track space objects now has a significant advantage. The NASA Wise space telescope has been in orbit since December, and already it is finding dozens of previously unknown asteroids every day.
Warning is the key.

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                                                                     Are you ready for the hidden information  ????? 

 Scientists believe the Earth is overdue for a geomagnetic reversal

and has been for a long time, because the last reversal was 780,000 years ago. NASA expects a particularly strong solar maximum sometime between 2010 and 2012. Various ideas have been advanced giving reasons why the end of the world might happen suddenly in 2012, One idea involves a geomagnetic reversal or polar shift could be triggered by a massive solar flare. Such a burst from the sun could have the power of 100 billion  atomic bombs.  The earth's magnetic field is weakening   which indicates an impending reversal of the north and south magnetic poles.Another apocalyptic idea circulating about 2012,  is that a large planet, called Nibiru, will collide with or pass by Earth in that year


Hello Brother Jeb, and all other CONE heads !!!!! lol , I just recieved my Citizenship and I am overjoyed.  I like many of us have been very concerned at thecoming 2012 Danger,  but now now I feel pretty safe.   I have applied the sticker to my door so I know any wandering SPACE FATHERS will duely note that I am a citizen of the New Earth and entitled to full rights and privlages.   I simply love my new name too, Yours in Future Peace  HeyBoLayBo   (C.O.N.E.)



                         2012 Movie Widens Awareness of Coming Changes

A movie called 2012, directed by Roland Emmerich and starring the actors John Cusack, Danny Glover, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Amanda Peet, Thandie Newton, Oliver PlattWoody Harrelson is scheduled for release on November 13, 2009. A marketing campaign for the film features a website from the fictitious "Institute for Human Continuity" describing the various doomsday scenarios meant to occur in that year.  We have to wonder at the similarities between this "Institute"  and the real life "Citizens of New Earth."  A number of other doomsday prophecies point towards 2012.    Hopi people, the Book of Revelation by John of Patmos, the Sibylline Books,  Nostradamus  Myrddin Wyllt, or Merlin, and Mother Shipton,


 Atoms Smashed and History Made in Geneva

They're getting really close to replicating conditions of the "Big Bang." The Large Hadron Collider's  scientists have  collided the beams at an energy level far above anyting we've seen before. The collisions herald a new era for researchers working on the machine in a 17-mile (27-kilometer) tunnel below the Swiss-French border at Geneva."That's it! They've had a collision," said Oliver Buchmueller from Imperial College in London as people closely watched monitors.In a control room, scientists erupted with applause when the first successful collisions were confirmed. Called the world's largest scientific experiment, scientists  hope the machine can approach on a tiny scale what happened in the first split seconds after the Big Bang, which they theorize was the creation of the universe some 14 billion years ago. The extra energy in Geneva is expected to reveal even more about the unanswered questions of particle physics, such as the existence of antimatter and the search for the Higgs boson, a hypothetical particle that scientists theorize gives mass to other particles and thus to other objects and creatures in the universe. Tuesday's initial attempts at collisions were unsuccessful because problems developed

The atmosphere at CERN was tense considering the collider's launch with great fanfare on Sept. 10, 2008. Nine days later, the project was sidetracked when a badly soldered electrical splice overheated, causing extensive damage to the massive magnets and other parts of the collider some 300 feet (100 meters) below the ground. It cost $40 million to repair and improve the machine. Two beams of protons began 10 days ago to speed at high energy in opposite directions around the tunnel, the coldest place in the universe, at a couple of degrees above absolute zero. CERN used powerful superconducting magnets to force the two beams to cross, creating collisions and showers of particles. "Experiments are collecting their first physics data — historic moment here!" a scientist tweeted on CERN's official Twitter account. "Nature does it all the time with cosmic rays (and with higher energy) but this is the first time this is done in Laboratory!" said another tweet.When collisions become routine, the beams will be packed with hundreds of billions of protons, but the particles are so tiny that few will collide at each crossing.

The experiments will come over the objections of some people who fear they could eventually imperil Earth by creating micro black holes — subatomic versions of collapsed stars whose gravity is so strong they can suck in planets and other stars.

CERN and many scientists dismiss any threat to Earth or people on it, saying that any such holes would be so weak that they would vanish almost instantly without causing any damage. Bivek Sharma, a professor at the University of California at San Diego, said the images of the first crashed proton beams were beautiful."It's taken us 25 years to build," he said. "This is what it's for. Finally the baby is delivered. Now it has to grow."

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Martin from Mexico writes, "Why have evolved mentally, I am a person who does not discriminate, I firmly believe we can become better people just need someone to guide them and show them the truth. I help in the moral, removing the rubbish that you have been teaching the false prophets, I only follow a single truth that I hope will be revealed in 2012 and what I think is that the time of evolution, not revolution "   

Martin is welcomed by the Space Fathers and shall be known as      Marlanimano


Grapharapolous, one of our first Citizens from Norway asks, "What part music will play in the New Earth."  We assure you that music is not only a universal language it is a Cosmic Language and carries the power to melt away prejudice and hate.  We will listen to and play as much music as we can at all times.  Listen to the refrain on the song currently playing , "Throw your baggage from the car,  Start again right where you are."   Such a simple but powerful way of encouraging re-birth                                                                                                                     


      Mayan Calander Ends

Cataclysmic or trans-formative events will occur in the year 2013. The forecast is based primarily on what is claimed to be the end-date of the Mayan Long Count Calendar  , which is presented as lasting 5,125 years and as terminating on December 21 or 23, 2012,

A New Age interpretation of this transition posits that, during this time, the planet and its inhabitants may undergo a positive physical or spiritual transformation, and that 2013 may mark the beginning of a newer sociopolitical age for the global community. Conversely, some believers in 2012 believe that it marks the beginning of an Apocalypse. The end is near.



Land Gigs

        Galactic alignment

There is a mysterious correspondence of the December 21 date with the winter solstice in 2012. This date was in line with an idea he terms the Galactic Alignment.

In the Solar System, the planets and the Sun share roughly the same plane of orbit, known as the pkane of the ecliptic. From our perspective on Earth, the  constellations move along or near the ecliptic, and over time, appear to recede counterclockwise by one degree every 72 years. This movement is attributed to a slight wobble in the Earth's axis as it spins. As a result, approximately every 2160 years, the constellation visible on the early morning of the spring equinox changes. In Western astrological traditions, this signals the end of one astrological age. (currently the Age of Pisces) and the beginning of another (Age of Aquarius). Over the course of 26,000 years, the precession of the equinoxes makes one full circuit around the ecliptic.

Every year for the last 2000 years or so, on the winter solstice, the Earth, Sun and the galactic equator come into alignment, and every year, precession pushes the Sun's position a little way further through the Milky Way's band.

The Milky Way near Cygnus showing the lane of the  Dark Rift  which the Mayan's  called the Xibalba be or Black Road.

Some how the Mayans were aware of these movements in deep space and knew that the Sun would precisely align with this intersection point at the winter solstice of 2012.  The Mayans anticipated this conjunction and celebrated it as the harbinger of a profound spiritual transition for mankind.  New Age proponents of the galactic alignment hypothesis argue that, just as astrology uses the positions of stars and planets to make claims of future events, the Mayans plotted their calendars with the objective of preparing for significant world events.



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